This table identifies key matters surrounding Edgemont’s incorporation into a village.  Here, you will find brief responses to these topics, and, where available, links to more detailed research, supporting documents, and citations. These analyses represent the views of EIC after several months of research, discussion, and expert third-party advice and analysis. While we believe incorporation is the right choice for Edgemont, we also believe that each person in our community must make his or her own reasoned decision based upon the best information available.

Question EIC's Summary Short Answer
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Administration: Who will run the day to day operations of our village? Most Westchester villages and towns operate with a professional village manager, appointed by the governing body, to oversee all village services, contracts, and employees. This staffing has been factored into the financial feasibility report.
Zoning: What authority will we have over land use? As an incorporated village, Edgemont’s governing body would be required to establish a zoning board and may also appoint a planning board; both would be populated by volunteer Edgemont residents.
What are the methods of governing/electing? Mayor and trustees will be elected within 60 days of incorporation; a nonpartisan nominating committee can endorse a slate. Terms are typically two or three years.
Building Department The Village would likely establish its own Building Department managed by a Building Inspector, who would serve as the Code Enforcement Official for the Village.
Justice Court The Village would have the option, but not the obligation, to establish a justice court.
What is the process for incorporation? New York State law spells out the process for incorporation under NYS Village Law Article 2.
Do we know if our taxes will change? The Town unincorporated tax rate has more than doubled in the past 15 years ($94.37 in 2002 to $193.13 in 2017). As supported by the financial feasibility report (which shows surpluses at the current tax effort), the EIC expects that the Village of Edgemont to have a favorable future tax rate trajectory in comparison to the Town.
Condo and Coop specific taxes: What is the impact of Homestead, if applied? Homestead allows municipalities the option of reclassifying only those condos built after 1983 as single family homes. Homestead does not apply to co-op or rental buildings. The EIC has identified fewer than 50 condos in Edgemont (less than 7% of Edgemont’s apartment units) that could potentially qualify under Homestead. Click here to understand why the likelihood of exercising that option is extremely remote.
Fire Protection Services As a village, we will continue to receive outstanding services from the GFD, which will become a department of our village government.
Life Support Services: What happens to our ambulance, basic, and advanced life support services? As a village, Edgemont will have the same or better medical emergency services compared to what we receives now as part of unincorporated Greenburgh.
Police Protection In addition to potentially establishing an Edgemont Police Department, other models for the delivery of police services could be explored including arrangements with the Town, County, and/or neighboring municipalities; a village force; or some combination thereof.
Highways (Road, Snow, Maintenance) The Village of Edgemont would have favorable options for highway services including potentially contracting with the Town of Greenburgh or developing its own, Edgemont-focused Department of Public Works.
Sanitation A number of Westchester municipalities, including Rye Brook and Pelham, obtain sanitation services through private contracts. Based on our research, through such a contract, the Village of Edgemont could obtain a higher level of sanitation service compared to the status quo at a materially lower cost.
Parking: What happens to the district, priorities, or the spots inside Edgemont? Upon incorporation, Edgemont has legal rights to Hartsdale Public Parking District land within the proposed borders of the Village. Such property includes a more-than-sufficient number of spots to meet our commuting demands. Alternatively, the Village could negotiate an arrangement with the parking district to guarantee access.
Transition: When would Edgemont become responsible? Will police protection always be available? If Edgemont incorporates in 2017, the town is obligated to provide, without discrimination, all of the services that Edgemont currently receives today from the date of incorporation to June 1, 2018. Click here to read further on police protection services as well.
Outdoor Pool: What are our options for pool access? Under current laws, Edgemont would lose access to the Anthony F Veteran (AFV) Pool. However, there are multiple possibilities and outcomes for pool usage for Edgemont residents.

Greenburgh has previously lobbied New York State to amend applicable park-related laws in order to capture recreational facility revenue from residents outside of the unincorporated area. The Town Board may wish to pursue a similar approach with the AFV Pool if Edgemont incorporates.

In addition, as Westchester County residents, Edgemont has access to the soon-to-be renovated Sprain Ridge Pool.

Finally, the Village could allocate budgetary resources to make arrangements with other private pools and, over time, the Village could consider developing its own pool and community center facility using surplus funds and available debt capacity.
Greenburgh Parks and Programs: What are the changes in program access and prices for village residents for Greenburgh Parks and Rec Programs? Like the six existing Greenburgh villages, Edgemont will have access to all parks owned by the town except, as discussed above, possibly AFV. Programs, including those administered by the Office for the Aging, are available town-wide (some fees are higher for village residents). Edgemont Recreation Corporation sports teams will have the ability to participate in Town of Greenburgh Parks and Recreation leagues (e.g. soccer, basketball).
Can Edgemont still use the TDYCC Indoor Pool and Community Center? Yes, the Theodore D. Young Center (TDYCC) is open Town-wide (including the villages) and offers a swimming pool and swim team/lessons, among many other recreational activities. Some program fees are higher for village residents.
Library: Will we continue to have access to the Westchester Library System, including the Greenburgh and Scarsdale locations? Yes. Edgemont’s incorporation would not affect the rights of Edgemont residents to use Greenburgh, Scarsdale, or other libraries in the Westchester system. Edgemont would be responsible for a pro rata share of related costs, which are included in the feasibility report.

After incorporation, Edgemont’s governing body could consider other approaches for delivering library services to Village residents, including potentially contracting with another village or building and maintaining its own library.
Greenburgh Nature Center: Who maintains it and do we retain access? GNC membership is open to all (Town residents and non-residents). According to GNC’s 2014 Annual Report, 40% of its memberships came from Greenburgh residents.

The Town will remain responsible for maintenance, though the Village of Edgemont could contribute additional funds if residents and the governing body chose to enhance the property or its programming.
Edgemont Rec and Day Camp We expect Edgemont Rec and Edgemont Day Camp to continue providing excellent programs to our children. If the Village of Edgemont elects not to retain access to AFV Pool, Edgemont Day Camp will have viable options for pool access and swimming lessons for campers.
Crane's Pond: What's the deal with Crane's Pond? The deal is: Crane’s pond is one of the few non-school open spaces in Edgemont. The Town will remain the owner and maintain responsibility for its upkeep.
Water and Sewer: What happens to the water and sewer districts and our cost for these services? The special districts that provide water and sewer services to Edgemont, and maintain the associated infrastructure, will continue to supply those services at the same in-district rates in effect prior to incorporation. The budgets of these separate legal entities are taxed/funded independently of the Town.
Edgemont Schools: What impact will incorporation have on the school district? Village incorporation has no effect on our school district’s boundaries as they are governed by the State Department of Education. Properties that lie within the Edgemont Union Free School District will remain within the district.

Further, incorporation does not in any way affect the school district’s status as an independent legal entity with its own governance (school board) and authority to tax, spend, and borrow.
Westchester County: Would there be any changes to County taxes or services? No. The County is taxed separately, and Edgemont residents would retain access to all services and amenities including pools and parks.
Transition: Can the town create difficulties for the Village between a vote and when we take over? The town is obligated to provide, without discrimination, all of the services that we currently receive today during the transition period. The village can elect its own trustees and begin to negotiate for future services. The village is also no longer responsible for newly issued unincorporated debt.
Adult Bookstores: Should we be concerned about adult bookstores? We believe that any suggestion that incorporation will give rise to adult bookstores in our community are unsubstantiated by market realities and the experience of nearby villages.
Affordable Housing: What are our obligations to zone for affordable housing? No state or federal law mandates that a municipality maintain a minimum number of affordable housing units. Also, Westchester County's affordable housing settlement with HUD would have no bearing on the Village of Edgemont.
Massage Parlors: What options will we have over to address the issue of massage parlors? As a village, Edgemont could allocate legal and law enforcement resources to any quality of life matter that Edgemont residents and our governing body deem important, including to the issue of massage parlors within all applicable law.

We encourage you to engage with the materials on this website, read our analyses of the issues, contribute to the conversation, and make your own decision. Please check back often and sign up for email notifications (at the bottom of this page) to keep apprised of all updates. Email us at with any input or questions.