Creating a Village of Edgemont

Our Community.  Our Future.  Our Choice.

We believe residents across Edgemont all aspire to a common goal to protect and promote Edgemont’s identity and interests, especially around our community, schools, property values and quality of life.

We have no direct representation at the Town level, which has limited our ability to accomplish the above. We believe the best way to solve the situation is through the creation of a Village of Edgemont by a process that is thoughtful, well-researched, and reflects the needs of the community as a whole.

Why Change Now?

While the current governance structure confers certain advantages, we are concerned that the Town’s interests are not aligned with those of Edgemont, and that Greenburgh does not quickly and actively address Edgemont’s needs.  Three areas are of particular, immediate concern.

1.  Edgemont’s per capita taxes are among the highest relative to comparable villages, exacerbated by Greenburgh’s reassessment.  We do not have a practical way to impact how our tax dollars are spent today.

2.  The Town is currently deliberating several zoning matters that could have a material impact on our school population, school taxes, property values and quality of life

3.  Edgemont’s per capita service costs are XX% higher than comparable villages in Greenburgh & Westchester.  Upcoming infrastructure projects like the Anthony Veteran’s Pool remodel would increase budgetary pressure

Why is becoming a village the best option?

1. Same or lower taxes, better services.

The Village would have control over its budget taxes and service levels.  We keep our tax dollars local and focus spending on areas that are critical to Edgemont.  Surrounding villages offer proof this can be done

2. A Village of Edgemont would be responsive to Edgemont’s needs.

The Village would have control over its laws, permitting, zoning and planning, and Police, Sanitation, Snow, Pubic Works, and Parks and Recreation.  Local control would create a stronger community & quality of life. 

We would create our own Comprehensive Plan on land use and community development.  We would better serve Edgemont, e.g. sidewalk construction, backyard trash pickup, local parks & recreation.  Access to Hartsdale Train Parking, a pool for families and Edgemont Recreation Camp, the Senior Center and library access all appear to have positive outcomes for Edgemont  

3. Local representation.  Have your vote count and your voice heard.  

Elect neighbors who are vested in Edgemont and understand what makes it special.  Edgemont’s Board of Trustees and Mayor would live in Edgemont & be elected by us  

What is the Edgemont Incorporation Committee (EIC)?

The effort to incorporate Edgemont has come in fits and starts since 1966. In 2005, the Edgemont Village Exploratory Committee (EVEC) produced a feasibility report that explored the social, legal, and financial aspects of becoming a village. In 2012, it was updated when certain assumptions about the initial costs were revisited and checked. 

In 2016, the EIC formed to look again at everything, with fresh eyes and focus on third party validation.  Additionally, on the advice of the founders of Rye Brook, the last town to incorporate in Westchester, the EIC began taking the pulse of the community for a referendum in the form of petition signatures to vote on becoming Greenburgh's seventh village.

Who is the EIC’s team?

  • You can review who we are right here

  • We are a group of over 30 residents working to make Edgemont a Village; we are adding more every week

  • We are lawyers, business executives, small business owners, and parents with kids pre-school, in school, and out-of-school

  • We collectively believe there is an option to create a government that aligns with Edgemont’s interests

  • We are all volunteers

What skills do we have and what skills do we need to succeed?

  • Some of us are Chief Financial Officers, municipal finance and credit analysts, and long-time financial analysts.  We are pouring through the Greenburgh budget and several village budgets line by line to understand what we currently pay for, what others pay for, and where there are opportunities to both economize and expand services

  • Some of us are lawyers who have been reviewing former Edgemont work such as the 2005 Edgemont Village Exploratory Committee Report, State Village law and rulings.  To confirm our legal work, we are working with outside lawyers studying and analyzing the legal aspects of incorporation, where opportunities exist and where there's uncertainty

  • We are community organizers talking to residents to hear concerns, get feedback and ensure there is a continuous dialogue with the public

Why has this been such a contentious process?

We fully acknowledge the community’s concern that we have been less than transparent.  An effort like this could and has taken some time to get organized; we are organized now.  Your concerns about the feasibility and desirability of Edgemont becoming a village are our concerns as well.  We are working hard to bring fully vetted, legally and factually correct information to help residents determine if incorporating Edgemont is the best way to secure its future.   We look forward to working with every Edgemont resident and also the Town of Greenburgh to come to the best solution for Edgemont and the Town.

Make your voice heard. Please volunteer and become part of our effort.

This is our chance to shape our future.