EIC's Research:

EIC volunteers believe incorporation is the right choice for Edgemont, and these discussions are the results of our research and analysis. We encourage you to read our analyses of the issues, conduct your own research, contribute to the conversation, and make your own decision. See links below for Terms of Use.

Edgemont Day Camp is run by the Edgemont Recreation Corporation (ERC), a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization created in 1970. The ERC’s budget is funded entirely by fees and tuition generated by those who participate in its after-school, sports, and summer camp programs. Post-incorporation, we expect ERC to remain an integral Edgemont institution and effectively function as the Village’s parks and recreation department, much as it unofficially does now.

Because Edgemont Day Camp campers currently swim at the pool at Anthony F. Veteran Park (“AFV Pool”), many residents are concerned that if the Village of Edgemont opts out of using the AVF Pool, Edgemont Day Camp will no longer be able to provide swimming to its campers. From the $2 million+ savings generated by opting out of paying for Greenburgh parks and recreation, the Village government could choose to appropriate funds in support of ERC’s efforts to secure acceptable pool access for summer campers.

In fact, our research reveals that the ERC will have several viable options to maintain pool access for campers at Edgemont Day Camp:

1. Continuing to use AFV Pool
As a private entity not legally connected to the Village of Edgemont, the ERC may be able to negotiate and contract with the Town for continued access to the AFV Pool for Edgemont Day Camp participants. The Town of Greenburgh may lose revenue once Edgemont becomes a Village; a contract with Edgemont Day Camp for weekday pool access and lessons for campers could help the Town mitigate such a loss.

2. Using a Westchester County Pool
Sprain Ridge Park, which hosts several pools and is currently undergoing an $8.8 million refurbishment, lies approximately 3 miles from Edgemont High School, where Edgemont Day Camp runs its activities. Sprain Ridge Park is a county facility and therefore is covered by our county property taxes. Sprain Ridge may be an excellent option for Edgemont Day Camp.


By comparison to Sprain Ridge, the Town’s website displays a 2010 engineering report that concludes that the pools at Anthony F. Veteran Park have outlived their useful life and will require replacement at a cost of $11+ million in 2016If Edgemont remains unincorporated,or incorporates and votes to continue paying for Greenburgh Parks & Rec, Edgemont taxpayers may be saddled with an additional $2.7 million of debt to pay for the replacement costs of the pools at Anthony F. Veteran Park.

3. Contracting with a Private Pool
Maplewood Swim and Tennis Club, located only 2.5 miles from Edgemont High School, provides another option for Edgemont Day Camp. Maplewood currently has three active contracts with day camps and preschools for summer pool use. The Club’s leadership has indicated that they are flexible on timing and availability, could easily accommodate another day camp contract, and are excited about the possibility.  Maplewood is a shady, beautiful, and quiet property with rest room, changing, and shower facilities.