EIC volunteers believe incorporation is the right choice for Edgemont, and these discussions are the results of our research and analysis. We encourage you to read our analyses of the issues, conduct your own research, contribute to the conversation, and make your own decision. See links below for Terms of Use.

As we discussed under the Pool section of this website, becoming a village changes Edgemont’s status with the  Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and Department of Community Resources (DCR) of the Town of Greenburgh. Specifically, as a village, Edgemont may lose access to the Anthony F. Veteran pool (AFV). However, Edgemont would no longer have to fund upwards of 25% of the DPR and DCR combined $8 million budgets, both of which offer virtually all of their facilities and services townwide (i.e. both to villages and the unincorporated area), despite only receiving funding from the unincorporated area. Please see the relevant section in the financial feasibility report (linked here).

If Edgemont were to incorporate, we might lose access to AFV, but we would no longer pay the above taxes and user fees. Further, like the existing six Greenburgh villages that do not fund the DPR and DCR budgets, we would retain access to the extensive list of programs and facilities listed below. As shown, price differentials between unincorporated and village/non-Town resident are minimal, particularly in comparison to the amount of money that would no longer be paid by Edgemont residents into the Town “B” DPR and DCR budgets.

According to the Town of Greenburgh guide to programs, activities and services, below are the lists of specific services and prices available for each. If we incorporate, we move from the Unincorporated price column to the Greenburgh Villages column.