EIC's Research:

EIC volunteers believe incorporation is the right choice for Edgemont, and these discussions are the results of our research and analysis. We encourage you to read our analyses of the issues, conduct your own research, contribute to the conversation, and make your own decision. See links below for Terms of Use.

The property that is now the Greenburgh Nature Center ("GNC") was purchased by the Town in 1973 with matching support from the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. Under the agreement between the Town and the Federal government, the Town is required to use the property for nature education and maintain its wilderness state.

All Town residents, including residents of incorporated villages, have access to the GNC. Both Town of Greenburgh Unicard holders and Westchester County Parks Pass holders are entitled to half price admission for non-members of GNC. We do not expect this access or pricing to change as a result of our incorporation.  

The 33 acre park sits squarely within Edgemont's borders, and the Village could provide additional funding for the park if it so chooses.