EIC volunteers believe incorporation is the right choice for Edgemont, and these discussions are the results of our research and analysis. We encourage you to read our analyses of the issues, conduct your own research, contribute to the conversation, and make your own decision. See links below for Terms of Use. 

ems options if edgemont incorporates

As a village, Edgemont's $27 million+ combined village/fire budget and projected surpluses will provide more-than-sufficient resources to afford residents access to a high level of emergency medical care under various scenarios, which include:

-If the new village contracts with the Town of Greenburgh for police protection, the current EMS funding and delivery system (described below) would likely continue "as-is."

-If Edgemont contracts with Westchester County for police or establishes its own local department, the village can:

  1. Increase the scope of EMS services currently provided by the Greenville Fire District (which will become the Village of Edgemont Fire Department) to also include ambulance transport;
  2. Like New Rochelle, Pelham, White Plains, and other area municipalities. enter into a private contract with Empress EMS; or
  3. If Edgemont establishes its own police department, utilize a similar police/EMS approach as currently employed by the Greenburgh Police Department.*

Edgemont Village would not be required to establish a separate entity or department to provide ambulance services (i.e. like the volunteer ambulance corps, or "VACs," that serve the incorporated areas of Greenburgh). If Edgemont were to provide emergency services directly rather than via contract, then unlike the existing villages, we would be able to leverage a professional, career fire/EMS department under a "shared-service" model. 

*The EIC's financial feasibility study included a village police budget that utilized labor costs based on the same Greenburgh Police Department salaries, stipends, overtime, and benefits of the officers who currently provide BLS and ambulance transport to the unincorporated area. However, providing EMS through a village police department is only one of several options available to Edgemont Village's governing body.

CURRENT ems SERVICES in edgemont

Emergency medical services (EMS) are classified as one of two types: (1) Advanced Life Support (ALS), requiring trained paramedics and typically transport to a hospital; or (2) Basic Life Support (BLS), requiring the attention of trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and only sometimes transport to a hospital.

Advanced Life Support and Ambulances

Today, Edgemont receives advanced life support (ALS) services, the highest level of care, from the Town of Greenburgh. The ALS town-wide operating budget includes salaries for a paramedic supervisor and 10 civilian paramedics, as well as stipends for 8 police officers. Since ALS service is provided to the entire town (all six villages and the unincorporated section), it should not be affected by Edgemont's incorporation.


Over the last 6 Town fiscal years, Greenburgh has acquired numerous ambulances and other ALS equipment, including the pictured flycar, to support Town-wide EMS services. Debt service on the associated bonds are also paid for by Town-wide charges; therefore, these assets are available for use by both the villages and the unincorporated area and would remain in service to Edgemont post-incorporation.

BLS / Ambulance Transport

Today, Edgemont receives basic life support (BLS) services from both the Greenville Fire District (GFD) and the Greenburgh Police Department (GPD) pursuant to a participation agreement between the two agencies.

The GFD’s 30 career firefighters are also certified and trained EMT’s and respond to about 600 Edgemont EMS calls per year (40-45% of total GFD call volume). The GFD, a NY State-licensed BLS First Response non-transport agency, receives funding for its personnel and equipment through its Edgemont-funded budget of approximately $9 million. There will be no change to Greenville Fire District EMS services post-incorporation.

The Greenburgh Police Department provides BLS and ambulance transport services to the entire unincorporated area* through its two salaried civilian EMT professionals on staff and approximately 20 stipended police patrol officer EMTs. These costs, estimated at $500,00 to $600,000, are borne by the unincorporated area "B" budget and are more than offset by ambulance transport fees charged by the Town. The Village would be required to provide BLS ambulance transport services if Edgemont incorporates and does not contract with the GPD (see "EMS OPTIONS" above).

*The unincorporated area also funds lopsided (8-to-1) mutual aid from the Town to the existing six villages.

Funding for Village Ambulance Transport, IF REQUIRED

If Edgemont incorporates and does not contract with the Greenburgh Police, the Village would have the authority to bill Edgemont residents for ambulance trips similar to the manner in which the Town bills us today. Assuming Edgemont ambulance usage of Greenburgh services is in rough proportion to its population, annual revenue would likely approximate $200,000 to $250,000. Those revenues were not included in the EIC financial feasibility study, but just as they currently fund Greenburgh's BLS expenses, they would similarly be available to offset the costs* of adding ambulance transport as a village service (whether through the fire district, village police, or via private contract).

*Depending on the EMS delivery method, possible additional costs include ambulances; storage; civilian ambulance drivers; fuel and supplies; and/or contract costs.